ISPM # 15 HT

The stamps show customs that all solid wood packaging material has been treated to meet the new global ISPM 15 requirements.

Why do exported pallets and timber packaging need ISPM15 treatment ?

  • This is a timber treatment standard that has been scientifically proven to neutralise plant pests/insects that may live within or on the surface of timber.
  • Global shipments of products made from all economies include the use of the world's most cost effective, naturally available, sustainable and strongest packaging material - wood.
  • However, timber in its natural state can contain insects and plant pests, and it has been identified that the introduction of certain insects to countries where they are not indigenous can pose threats to both vegetation and forestry.
  • As such ISPM15 compliant wood packaging is a mandatory requirement for all export shipments which are travelling outside the EU.
  • Yes, all major economies and every member country of the World Trade Organisation accept timber packaging which is ISPM15 compliant.
  • The treatment is heat based Timber packaging or wood is heated to a level whereby its core has a temperature of 56c and this sustained for at least 30 minutes. The treatment can be applied by kilning or industrial microwave.
  • No, strength of timber and packaging is unaffected - however if timber is wet and certain species are treated and increase in bacterial growth can occur - which frequently leads to mould. This is acceptable within ISPM15 standards.
  • No, kiln drying is designed to reduce moisture levels, ISPM15 purpose is to kill insect life.
  • All packaging/timber has to be marked by an approved provider. Items of wood packaging have to be marked at least twice.
  • ISPM15 is designed to be a paperless system - wood packaging is marked as compliant and no certification is needed. However, it can be provided if requested.
  • No, once treated the packaging has a global passport for life - however it becomes broken & repair is needed then re-treatment is required.
  • The company has invested in extremely efficient and large capacity heat treatment facilities, Such as we heat treat wood packaging for the trade as well as for our clients who purchase timber packaging products.
  • We constantly monitor ISPM15 legislation and are members of the UK, EU and North American timber packaging associations - we therefore have excellent visibility of global trends and can provide a unique insight of any legislative changes or exportation issues which may exist globally.
  • SSVSM also provides all clients with a back-up service that assists any client who may face importation difficulties with ISPM15 compliant products that company has produced.

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