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We provide best range of Wooden Pallets, Boxes and Crates.

Two way entry pallets

Two way entry pallets

We are offering a wide range two way pallets that are used for exportable items. These pallets are ideal for light as well as bulky products. Manufactured with precision, the pallets are suitable for safe and secure transit of different types of goods.

  • They can be either three or four bearer.
  • Pallets can be specified as fully reversible or skid type.

Two way entry pallets are available in a range of sizes from 900mm up to 1500mm.

Two way entry pallets can develope as per client requirement.

Four way entry pallets

We offers these pallets in Three different grades. All pallets can be painted to your specification.

  • The Grade One heavy duty pallet. A clean once used pallet suitable for loads of up to 1.5 tonnes.
  • Grade Two comprises the same dimensions, howver the timber will not be as thick and gaps between the timber will be wider. Suitable for weights up to 1 tonne.
  • Grade Three is a lighter weight 4 way.

1200mm x 1000mm - either available with a frame or skid base. They also come either flush sided (as in photograph) or 'winger' style.

Four way entry pallets can develope as per client requirement.

Four way entry pallets
Stringer pallets

GMA Wood Stringer Pallets

GMA wood stringer pallet (48 x 40 inches) for the North American market. Nominal 4” or 6” lead boards on top and bottom decks. Stringers have no block or companion board repairs, may include plate and/or corrugate repairs.

  • Double-face, non-reversible.
  • Suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities.
  • Partial 4-way entry allows access to forklift trucks from all four sides, pallet jacks from the 40” side and only low-profile pallet trucks from the 48” side.

48" x 40" GMA 4-way 5/8" Heat Treated Wood Pallet

Stringer pallets can develope as per client requirement.

Pine Wood Timber

Pine wood was originally regarded as suitable only for fruit boxes and boxing for concrete, but soon came into use as house-framing timber. This was made possible by timber grading, drying and preservation technologies.

  • Its knottiness was in contrast to the clear wood of native softwoods, so it was not at first thought fit for furniture, panelling, fittings, flooring, and house cladding.
  • Now it is used for all those purposes.

A-one quality timber and a variety of wood are readily available

Pine Wood Timber can develope as per client requirement.

Pine Wood Timber
Pallets Collers

Pallets Collers

The wooden collar system is a well-established packaging solution, used worldwide. The collars can be customised if necessary and provided with 4 or 6 galvanised steel hinges.

  • The flexible collar system has all the advantages of a modern returnable system.
  • It is a standardised way of transporting goods and damaged collars or lids can be replaced easily.
  • The investment costs are relatively low and under normal conditions the packaging will last for more than 10 years.

Furthermore it is a collapsible, strong and reliable design.

Pallets Collers can develope as per client requirement.

Plywood Box

These boxes are made with plywood with apt moisture treatment such as urea or phenol formaldehyde that helps in preventing moisture from damaging the good stored and also helps in enhancing the look of the plywood boxes.

  • We are one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive range of Plywood Boxes.
  • Plywood is a special type of wooden sheet known as veneers
  • The plywood sheets are available in single as well as multiple layers as per the specific demands of the industry.Plywood is a special type of wooden sheet known as veneers

We make our plywood boxes in different sizes and color patterns to fulfil the growing requirements of manufacturing and retail sectors.

Plywood Box can develope as per client requirement.

Plywood Box
Euro Pallets

Euro Type Pallets

We manufacture and supply Euro Type Pallets for tough industrial and warehousing applications.

  • These Pallets come with three long Anti Skid Runners (Legs) and are ideally suited for racking purpose.
  • These Pallets are reinforced with Steel and P.U. Foam for a higher Mechanical Strength and Load Bearing Capacity.

These Pallets are capable of withstanding heavy loads of up to 6.00 MT

Euro Type Pallets can develope as per client requirement.

CP Pallets

Created at the beginning of the Nineties by the VCI (Verband der Chemischer Industry), the CP type pallets are dedicated to the chemical industry. Since, their management was entrusted to the APME (Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe) which organizes their diffusion and the collection on a European scale.

  • The standard defines nine models of pallets, of CP1 with CP9, being able to carry out several rotations.
  • If needed the CP pallets can undergo one or more repairs. At the end of lifetime and like any support of handling, they are developed or eliminated.

The CP pallets answer to a precise schedule of conditions as regards wood quality, fixing of the elements, marking and dimensional tolerance.

Nine types of CP Pallets (from CP1 to CP9) each type having its own measurements and qualities.

CP Pallets


The wooden crates that we are manufacturing are extensively used for storage as well as carriage of slabs.

  • We are among the prominent wooden shipping crates manufacturers.
  • We take huge concern on client’s packaging needs and serve products as per his requirement.

We provide highly effective Wooden Crates made up of rubber and sliver wood.

We are able to cater customized wooden crates as the specification provided by the clients on grade and dimension.


Catering to the diversified requirements of our esteemed clients, we are offering quality assured Wooden Box.

  • We manufactured it with quality assured raw material that is sourced from trusted and well-established vendors.

This box is engineered as per the client's specifications by our diligent professionals in our world class infrastructure.

We are availing it in varied shapes, sizes and with customized design.

Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood

The Film Faced Plywood offered by us, features special properties and end benefits for the customers which include high strength, stability, resilience, superior resistance to water/heat and severe climatic conditions.

  • We are one of the prominent wholesaler of Film Faced Shuttering Plywood.
  • These are extensively demanded by clients owing to optimum quality, durability and excellent finish.
  • The Designer Laminated Plywood is highly appreciated in the market owing to its features like durability and strength.

It is also capable to hold the load concrete and quivers generated during pouring the concrete.

Film Faced Plywood can develope as per client requirement.

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